Converging spaces

This series is about manmade spaces inserted into the “wild” where many conjunctions occur. These spaces represent rural-urban convergences, encounters between the organic and the constructed, and a link between our past and present. They are a reminiscence of our hunting traditions; places where stories are told and traditions passed from generation to generation. These are spaces that convey joy and coexistence and serve at the same time as a meeting point between landscape and dreamscape.

Despite the apparent simplicity of these locations, I approach these dispersed areas as places of possibility, mystery and beauty; which represent moments of odd grace and glanced beauty in settings that might customarily be considered of little value.
With this work, my intention is to create a series of quiet, meditative images, which would evoke the experience of being immersed in nature and capture the essence of the journey. The images seek to engage the viewer in this walk, and to communicate a sense of the subtle internal and psychological changes which one may undergo while negotiating the landscape.